Thursday, January 23, 2020

Free College Admissions Essays: Try, try again! :: College Admissions Essays

Try, try again! Bedraggled, disheartened and blanketed with mud, I sat on the sidewalk blubbering while the tears dripped down my knee. As I watched the salty droplets trickle down my dingy leg and meld with the crimson driblets oozing from my ragged shins, I felt a certain overwhelming feeling of helplessness, of defeat. After a comfortable amount of time was spent wallowing in self-pity, my relentless attitude proficiently mustered the nerve to get back on my very first bicycle and give it another try. I was on my way to conquer one of my first acquaintances with adversity. " Excellence and success is not achieved in perfection but in knowing you tried your best." This is definitely the most powerful virtue that I've cultivated throughout the years. From learning to walk to learning to drive and all the obstacles that I faced in between I was always able to employ this adage and trust that belief in it would get me through whatever challenge I faced. As an innocent, radiant slip of a girl I embark ed on my first steps of life. I fell, and fell again until my bottom was bruised, I'm sure. Nonetheless, I never gave up, and was up and running around in no time! I was ready for bigger and better things. Before long it was time for school. This, by far, has been the most challenging endeavor midst the years. No matter what I always gave it my all and managed to remain a high honors student throughout a majority of my academic career until I was faced with an even larger task...high school. With problems developing in the family I became incredibly withdrawn and unfortunately, indifferent. By my junior year I was feeling so overwhelmed that, in essence, I surrendered to failure. I barely had the ambition to go to school let alone do well in my classes. I was accepting defeat and very low grades at that. Then, one day, a teacher said something to me that evoked thought, a second look at my situation. While staying after school, my English teacher said, "Jessica, you're a very intell igent girl, and you have the ability to achieve much higher grades, but you aren't trying which is sad because there are kids that try so hard and can't earn the grades that you're so capable of.

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